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  • Paraprofessional
  • Paraeducator (Early Childhood only)

Compliance with NCLB

  • Title I, Part A Paraprofessional Requirements
    • Para Requirements
    • Explains federally mandated expectations.
    • Defines semester and quarter credit hours.
    • Establishes approved assessments as meeting Title I qualifications:
      • ParaPro (score of 456)
      • Para Educator Learning Network (70% on comprehensive exam)
      • Workkeys (Writing - 4, reading - 4, math - 3, instructional skills inventory - 150)
      • Project Para (composite passing score of 116)
  • Providing Equitable Opportunities For an Essential Education For All Students in Nebraska Public School Districts, Dec. 10, 2004
    • General Education Policy Statements Index
    • Page 23 recommends that all paraprofessionals:
      • Meet requirements of state and/or federal legislation
      • Have a mandatory background check
      • Have assigned duties which are non-teaching in nature
      • Follow federal mandates in building funded by Title I

Standards to Measure Professional Growth of Paraeducators

Not evident

Policy that Distinguishes Paraeducators Working with Special Education

  • Rule 11: Regulations for Early Childhood Education Programs, August 20, 2007
    • 004.08B Paraeducator. A paraeducators assigned to work as a member of a classroom team shall have received at least twelve (12) semester hours of undergraduate or graduate credit in child development/early childhood education, or the equivalent in prior training or experience as determined by the Commissioner or his or her designee.
  • Approved Equivalency for Paraeducators in Early Childhood Programs Operated by Public Schools Districts or Educational Service Units

Resource Guide for Supervisors: Assisting Local Agencies in Supervision of Paraeducators Beyond NCLB Mandated Expectations

Standards to Measure the Professional Growth of Teachers in a Position to Supervise Paraeducators

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