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I am a member of the Colorado CO-TOP Coalition, I have some CO-TOP Trainers in my district, and would like to hold CO-TOP training in my district. How do I submit a request for a CO-TOP academy to The PAR²A Center?

Go to Set up a class

What do I do if we do not have paraeducator training in a Colorado district?

All Colorado districts and Community Centered Boards may participate in the CO-TOP Coalition at any time without cost and are eligible for all the benefits Coalition membership imparts. Please contact Ritu Chopra. to find out how to join.

I do not have paraeducator training in my district. How can I set up training in my district, state or region?

The CO-TOP program is used throughout Colorado, Montana, Hawaii and Idaho. Other states such as New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Maryland are using parts of the CO-TOP Model or CO-TOP Curriculum to train their paraeducators. Go to Set up paraprofessional training.

What CO-TOP trainings are presently being held in Colorado?

Our calendar contains all this information and more, including selected national and state conferences, and other training opportunities.

How do I find a CO-TOP trainer to teach a CO-TOP academy in my Colorado district?

All CO-TOP Coalition members are eligible to employ CO-TOP trainers from other districts. The trainer database is not available for trainings outside Colorado. To find out how to get training outside Colorado, please contact Ritu Chopra.

I would like to learn more about CO-TOP.

I have no idea what CO-TOP is, but the paraeducators in my district need training and I’d like to find something good.