Setup paraprofessional training

For our future partners in CO-TOP training…

If you do not have a system for training paraprofessionals, setting up paraprofessional training where none has existed is a complex task. There are many decisions to be made that affect many different departments in your district, Community Centered Board, region, or state. We can help by guiding you through some of the decisions you may need to make.

The CO-TOP Manual has many of the answers about how you would go about adopting the CO-TOP Model in the K-12 setting or adapting it to other settings including early intervention, early childhood education and human services.

The Trainers’ Handbook gives the details of how K-12 CO-TOP Trainers in Colorado work – from the perspective of the trainer.

If you are interested in using the CO-TOP Curriculum for either K-12 paraprofessional training or early intervention training (birth through 2 years), you may want to look at the content. The K-12 CO-TOP academies or CO-TOP*EIS Developmental Intervention Assistant academies can help you review the topics covered in both CO-TOP Academies.

For further information about purchasing CO-TOP Academies or training certified professionals (teachers and other licensed professionals) to become effective supervisors of paraprofessionals, or creating your own cadre of trainers, contact Ritu Chopra.

For our established partners who would like to set up CO-TOP training…

If you are from a district or Community Centered Board that has already participated in CO-TOP projects for K-12 training or for early intervention training in Colorado for information on setting up CO-TOP K-12 paraprofessional training or information on setting up CO-TOP*EIS Developmental Intervention Assistant training, please contact Ritu Chopra.