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Compliance with NCLB

  • DOE Information Database Requirements Volume II: Automated Staff Information System
  • 2012 Florida Statutes, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1012.01, Definitions
    • http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2012/1012.01
    • Education paraprofessionals are defined:
      • Education paraprofessionals are individuals who are under the direct supervision of an instructional staff member, aiding the instructional process. Included in this classification are classroom paraprofessionals in regular instruction, exceptional education paraprofessionals, career education paraprofessionals, physical education and playground paraprofessionals, and other school-level paraprofessionals.
  • 2012 Florida Statutes, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1012.37, Education Paraprofessionals
    • http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2012/1012.37
    • Gives local agencies the authority to use paraprofessionals, yet gives paraprofessionals rendering services under the supervision of a certified teacher, the same protection of laws as that accorded the certified teacher and the non-instructional employees of the district school board.
  • 2012 Florida Statutes, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1012.38, Education Paraprofessional Career Development
    • http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2012/1012.38
    • Policy that offers local agencies a program for the career development of education paraprofessionals. Both the districts and the individual paraeducators within the district may choose to use this system of career development based upon education and training advancements and to furnish economic incentives in order to encourage excellence. There are five levels to this system and the expectations of each level are well defined.
      • Local agencies could create standards for paraeducators from these development level requirements
      • Limited to voluntary participation

Standards to Measure Professional Growth of Paraeducators

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Policy that Distinguishes Paraeducators Working with Special Education

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Resource Guide for Supervisors: Assisting Local Agencies in Supervision of Paraeducators Beyond NCLB Mandated Expectations

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Standards to Measure the Professional Growth of Teachers in a Position to Supervise Paraeducators

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