South Dakota

Department of Education

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Compliance with NCLB

  • Paraprofessional Certification
    • A certificate is offered to all paraprofessionals who have complied with the federally mandated expectations regardless of the employment site.
    • The ParaPro exam has been established in the event the assessment path is preferred, with a passing score of 461

Standards to Measure Professional Growth of Paraeducators

Not evident

Policy that Distinguishes Paraeducators Working with Special Education

Not evident

Resource Guide for Supervisors: Assisting Local Agencies in Supervision of Paraeducators Beyond NCLB Mandated Expectations

Not evident

Standards to Measure the Professional Growth of Teachers in a Position to Supervise Paraeducators

Not evident

Document Previewed by Steve Fiechtner, Delivery Unit Head, South Dakota Department of Education, March 20, 2013