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Teacher Aide/Teacher Assistant/Paraprofessional

Compliance with NCLB

Standards to Measure Professional Growth of Paraeducators

  • Paraprofessional Competencies&Professional Development Options
    • http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/files/tepdl/pdf/ESEAPara_ProfDev.pdf
    • Competencies include skills and/or knowledge paraprofessionals need to perform a specific job adequately. The following content areas are addressed:
      • Support and Collaboration - The paraprofessional has an understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities of licensed staff (teachers, administrators, education specialists, etc.) in supporting students and collaborating with each other.
      • Communication - The paraprofessional has the ability to communicate with colleagues, follow instructions, and use problem-solving and other skills that will enable him/her to work as an effective member of the instructional team.
      • Growth and Development of Children and Youth - The paraprofessional has an understanding of the various developmental stages of children and youth.
      • Behavior Management - The paraprofessional has the ability to assist in supporting and managing positive student behavior.
      • Instructional Strategies - The paraprofessional has knowledge of and can assist the teacher in applying the elements of effective instruction.
      • Diversity - The paraprofessional has an awareness of and respect for diversity among children, youth, families, and colleagues.
      • Technology - The paraprofessional has knowledge and skills necessary to support instruction using technology.
      • Commitment to Professional Growth - The paraprofessional is committed to being a reflective practitioner and to participate in professional growth.

Policy that Distinguishes Paraeducators Working with Special Education

  • Wisconsin Special Education Paraprofessionals
    • http://sped.dpi.wi.gov/sped_paraprof
    • Reviews expectations of IDEA 2004 and state expectations of Special Education Program Aide License
    • Several other documents may be accessed from this site
      • Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education Paraprofessionals
  • Special Education Program Aide License
  • Paraprofessional Network

Resource Guide for Supervisors: Assisting Local Agencies in Supervision of Paraeducators Beyond NCLB Mandated Expectations

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Standards to Measure the Professional Growth of Teachers in a Position to Supervise Paraeducators

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