Trainer Resources

On this page, you will find informational links that answer many trainer questions such as:

How do I stay up to date on the latest Trainer procedures?

The Trainers’ Handbook is made just for this purpose. It provides the most up to date details on topics such as:

  • How to complete the hiring process as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD)?
  • When to expect payment from UCD?
  • How to reschedule and/or cancel a class?
  • What to do when you receive the course registration packet?
  • How to register paraeducators for a course?
  • What information to provide at the beginning of the training?
  • How to keep track of participants’ attendance?
  • How to deal with disruptive and unruly behavior among the participants?
  • How to maintain the quality of CO-TOP curriculum?
  • How to administer the course evaluation forms?
  • Observing copyright laws.
  • Techniques for Maintaining Control in your class

I have been trained as a CO-TOP Trainer but my district is not currently offering CO-TOP classes. How do I get our district involved?

The CO-TOP Manual was written to guide districts in adopting the CO-TOP Model and Curriculum. Many individuals – including people who have taken PSA and TOPA to become trainers – wonder how to get a district to move toward comprehensive, sustainable, and systematic training for paraeducators. The manual will give you ideas on where to start.

What supports are available to me now that I am a CO-TOP Trainer?

Several types of support are available to CO-TOP trainers. The Trainers’ Resources page links you to information and documents that trainers may find helpful. You may also want to visit Helpful Links for websites other trainers have found useful.

Now that I’m a trainer, how do I keep growing, learning and sharing?

The TOPCAT Seminar is an online course offered several times each year for CO-TOP trainers who want to stay in touch with other trainers Through this seminar, trainers receive updated information about CO-TOP Academies, discuss ways to improve their own teaching, exchange resources on CO-TOP Academy topics, and get summaries of their evaluations from previous courses. To find out more about the schedule of offerings check out The The PAR²A Center calendar and look at the TOPCAT Seminar Syllabus for an overview of the class.