The Paraprofessional Resource and Research Center (PAR²A Center) at the University of Colorado in Denver, is pleased to announce the launch of the National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE), an assessment process that interveners can use to submit evidence of knowledge and skills as outlined in standards for interveners published by the Council for Exceptional Children. The evidence, which consists of digital documentation, such as video samples, described pictures, and other items from an intervener’s training and practice, is evaluated by trained reviewers who are experts in the field of deaf-blindness. Certificates are awarded to applicants who pass with a score of 75% or higher. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete a comprehensive intervener training program through a state deaf-blind project, community college, or university before pursuing NICE due to the comprehensive nature of the e-portfolio process.

NICE was produced by the National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) using a participatory approach involving practicing interveners, state deaf-blind project personnel, and university experts, who joined forces to design and test the system. The PAR²A Center manages the process, including portfolio submissions, the review process, and communication of certification decisions to applicants. Each portfolio is scored by two reviewers who are members of the NICE Review Board. Their scores must agree at least 80% of the time for an overall portfolio score to be considered reliable. A third reviewer will be recruited if the initial reviewers’ agreement rate is less than 80%.

Interveners who wish to apply for certification should contact their state deaf-blind project or college/university training program to discuss pursing certification. Every candidate must have a mentor, assigned by a state deaf-blind project or university partner, to provide guidance and feedback during portfolio development and must complete two training modules explaining the use of the NICE system.

For more information, please visit What is NICE? 

2016/2017 Reviewers

  • Stacy Aguilera
  • Tanni Anthony
  • Brooke Barnhill
  • Susan Bashinski
  • Tara Brown-Ogilvie
  • Chris Brum
  • Michelle Clyne
  • Genevive Froncoeur-Anderson
  • Adam Graves
  • CM Hall
  • Gina Herrera
  • Tina Hertzog
  • Sue Ann Houser
  • Olaya Landa-Vialard
  • Cathy Lyle
  • Rose Moehring
  • Carolyn Monaco
  • Susie Morrow
  • Emma Packard
  • Angel Perez
  • Cindi Robinson
  • Deanna Rothbauer
  • Chris Russell
  • Debbie Sanders

The National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE) process and product were developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education #H326T130013 awarded to the National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB). NICE represents a partnership between NCDB and the Paraprofessional Resource and Research Center at the University of Colorado, Denver.